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These are the first 6 collage prints presented at the first expo of the project.
MIMESIS still goes on, though. We want to have an even bigger expo of inspiring people next time! If you know cool people who invested in their dream products - no matter if it is a object or not, we want to know them! Do share and spread the word!

MIMESIS is a photo & graphics collection dedicated to product designers and people who BUILD their dreams. 

Having a background in design, interacting with the designers and getting to know the process of creating the product, it became obvious that there is a strong connection between these 2 entities - The DESIGNER and The OBJECT.

MIMESIS has the mission to portray the 2 sides of this relationship:
- The "independent" - the designer and the object in a classic way
- The "symbiosis" - the way the designer and the object are intertwined and give life and inspiration to each-other, as they merge into one soul-full singular and suggestive image.

A project by The Fab Squad / Ioana Dodan
Designers - Pointer Wine Glass / Ramona Enache , Materia / Cristian Branea, Dare to Rug /Andreea Batros & Flavia Scînteanu, Make-Up Chevalet / Alina Ilie , Ubikubi / Dragos Motica , NOVUM - digifacture / Eliza Hong & Min Cezar Hong
GIF live performance - Ecaterina Elena Lupu & @Alexandru Lupu
Prosecco -
Photos by Adela Pase Photography
Video by Photo Tailors Studio
Location - Unteatru

The MIMESIS event and expo we had was at least amazing! 
Thank you all for coming, helping, laughing, drinking, enjoying art and creativity. Here's to all you #mimesispeople out there! The dreamers, the hustlers, the beauty seekers! This is just the beginning!

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