The FAB Squad

Product & Branding Photography

Product & Brand Photography

No matter what the product or the service sold by a brand is,
it is important for us that the message and the feeling of all the visuals be in tune. 

The creator of the brand often is as representative as the product and we believe it should represent the brand as much as the product.


the "2 Iulias" 

Mugur de Zof

Iulia is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs everywhere. She is 100% invested into her brand, MUGUR DE ZOF. Loves flowers and loves to make others happy by creating magical decors for different spaces and events. It often feels like she is working as much as 2 people, that is why, her image is double.


Ramona & Pointer


Ramona and her POINTER glasses are both all about enjoying life in any kind of situation.
So no matter if you are on the beach or skiing, being always prepared for a glass of wine means fun and enjoying the moment!

Let's drink to that!

Make-up Chevalet

Make-up Chevalet

Make-up Chevalet

Alina Ilie designed this modern but timeless Dressing table - the Make-up Chevalet thinking of the times women took their time to enjoy their beauty moments of the day. We got creative and inspired by Alina's passion and we loved trying out this artistic combination between an easel and a dressing table.


London Tailors FW

London Tailors

London Tailors is a fabulous brands for men's fashion.
The concept of their FW collection was about the fun, stylish & fashionable architect in a beautiful showroom. Oh, and Grigore the Pug is famous too !


Atelier Mon Chateau

Atelier Mon Chateau is a place of dreams, cats and cosy-ness.
Paula is creating dreams in real life with wool, glue, imagination and lots of love.
You can feel it in every little object that she designs. All of them crafted with the person who will use them in her mind. 


Maria Rusu Jewelry


Maria has been created out of love for jewelry, powerful women and elegance.
The creator, Cassandra Rusu, is as passionate as the other Marys who inspired her in the creation of this brand and her love for life and love can be felt in all her pictures