The FAB Squad

Visual Identity

Visual Identity

We guide you in the discovery of your visual brand identity
and design the visual elements of your brand, such as color scheme, particular shapes , logo, 
which encapsulate and convey the symbolic meanings that cannot be imparted through words alone. 

We can offer you brand implementation - physical representation and consistent application of brand identity across visual and verbal media.
In visual terms, this can include signage, uniforms, liveries, interior design and branded merchandise.

We believe that you should represent our brand, so we often take pictures of you & your products as part of the brand communication.



Maria Rusu Jewelry


Maria is about love for jewelry, strong women and elegance.
The creator of the brand was inspired by 4 strong women named MARIA - firstly by Queen Mary, by Maria Tanase, by her grandmother Maria and by herself and her story. All these amazing women are the expression of femininity, power and creativity. 

We started from the creator's signature and we also had a more structured option, which was chosen by the client. The golden leaf circle is a symbol of eternity and fragility at the same time.

Photographs of the creator wearing the jewelry were used to open the facebook page and start the online business.


Atelier Mon Chateau

Mon Chateau

Atelier Mon Chateau is a place of dreams, cats and cosy-ness.
Paula is creating dreams in real life with wool, glue, imagination and lots of love.

Starting from a sketch Paula (the creator) did, we created the logo. The yarn ball is representative for the handmade projects she has, and the cat is Paula's soul animal. The rest of the visuals were based on a light blue and natural textures and playful elements. Paula and Mon Chateau are represented by the love for small special things.


Margo' Beauty Salon


Margo' is a beauty salon for women that can offer full range of beauty services.
Their brand is represented by femininity, friendship and relaxation.

The lotus shape and the pink and purple hues are the new brand colors and the new lettering is more playful. The staff of this beauty salon is a group of life long friends so the photo shooting was based on this friendship that you can be a part of when you go to their place.


Mandre de Romania

Mandre de Romania

Mandre de Romania is about 2 girls who wanted to share with the others their passion of travelling through Romania in special places.

The logo is a modern representation of the 2 friends in a traditional romanian sewing pattern.
Their writing and symbols were n the same font and throughout the visuals, there are only 2 colors - black and red.


Mihai Gustin Hairstylist


Mihai Alexandru Gustin is a hairstylist who works in London.
The logo and visual  identity needed to be masculine and personal, so we adopted a black and white theme.